Established in 1994, Sea Jho Limited is a fishing company based in the city of Christchurch, dedicated to exporting New Zealand commercial fish species worldwide.

Sea Jho (pronounced “see-joe”) in Korean can mean “the goddess of sea” or “the founder”. As a trivia, the word “Jho” also contains the initials of the founding shareholders’ initials; Jeong-Hwan and Ok.

Sea Jho has networks to every continent in the world except the Antarctic (the Antarctic penguins prefer to catch their own fish). Here at Sea Jho, we are committed to building strong relationships with our buyers through trust and sustained trade. We source fish from a number of other fish producers to ensure a diverse range and quantity of fish are available to meet the current demands of our buyers.

New Zealand has a unique world leading quota management system (QMS) which ensures the sustainable and responsible utilisation of the main commercial species. Sea Jho is a certified MSC Chain of Custody supplier, and can supply MSC certified species upon request.